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weebles's Journal

KC Masterpiece Beth
17 September
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antiques, art, avocados, bargain shopping, bellys, biting, books, braille, brocolli, cheese, chex mix, chocolate, chucks, clockwork orange, contemporary design, craft stores, crimper, cucumbers, cuddling, dancing, david lynch, diet coke, drawing, egon schiele, embroidery, fall, fiber arts, fishnets, flaming lips, flowers, friends, fugazi, garage sales, garters, geeky boys, gentlemen, gerbera daisys, getting mail, going out, going to shows, green tea icecream, gustav klimt, halloween, hi pointe, hoodies, hugs, interior decorating, jack daniels, jim beam, joanna newsom, john cusack, joy division, kansas city, kansas city art institute, kids, kids in the hall, kink, laughter, lighting, mac, magnetic fields, mail art, makeup, making out, making things, ministry, modernism, movies, mr. show, occupational therapy, orange tootsie roll pops, painting, peanut butter, people who make things, pez dispensers, pillows, pink&brown, pins, pizza, polka dots, popcorn, printmaking, pump up the volume, punk, purple, quacomole, red lipstick, rice krispies, rockabilly, rocket bar, romance, roxys, sewing, sex, shoes, sign language, six feet under, skirts, snail mail, socks, sonic youth, soup, spinich, st. louis, stanley kubrick, stars, staying home, strangers with candy, strip clubs, tare the panda, tattoos, texture, the cure, the family guy, the learning channel, the pixies, the ssion, thrift stores, tofu, tom robbins, tough sensitive guys, twin peaks, van halen, vanilla scented things, video games, vintage stuff, virgo, walking, weebles, whiskey, wine, working with kids, wrestling, yeah yeah yeahs